Our Web Design Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

Requirement Gathering

Before starting any project, we make it a point to clearly understand the needs of the client. To make any project a success, it becomes super necessary to have an understanding of the requirements. This leads to better planning and implementation.

UI/UX Design

We then focus on aesthetics and design the project to leave an everlasting impression. It is done keeping in mind the client’s requirements and the points listed in the documentation. This helps in the creation of the project as envisioned by the client.


This phase involves the building of code and its implementation to create a product. It’s one of the most important phases as the structure has to be robust and sound. This phase speaks about the code and the capability that it can offer to the product.

Testing and Quality Check

After the product has been created, it then enters into the testing phase. A thorough check of the product is done wherein all the vulnerabilities are identified. These loopholes are then fixed and the quality check of the product is done again.

Deployment on server/ PlayStore/ AppStore

Once the product/project is ready, it’s then deployed on the client’s preferred platform of choice. It can be Playstore/ iTunes or any other platform. The product becomes live and can thereafter be used by the targeted audience.

Support and Maintainance

We at We Softech, have a continuous and reliable support and maintenance staff. To address the queries of clients, we make it a point to provide unhindered and robust customer service. Customer satisfaction is one of the core values that define us.

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